Our clients, Their words...

If it weren’t for Vow & Knot Events, our wedding would not have been so flawlessly executed, beautiful, and, most importantly, STRESS-FREE! Erin was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a visionary. From day one she listened to us, really listened. She discussed ideas, presented options, took ownership of DIY projects, negotiated with different vendors, and then on our wedding day she was there from the early morning until the last guest left (and well after!). I never doubted for one minute that we were in good hands. She ensured that we stuck to a schedule, remained budget-conscious, and made sure that every little detail of our wedding reflected who we are as a couple. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and we were able to enjoy it without worry in large part because of Erin and her team. I can’t thank Vow & Knot enough! I would absolutely recommend them to any bride!
— Erin & Adam, Bridgeport Art Center
Last minute floral issues had Erin making bouquets, and boutonnieres the morning of my wedding. I made it down the aisle with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, and even with the floral mix up our reception was perfectly set up when we arrived. Last minute problems didn’t ruin our day because of Erin. My wedding truly wouldn’t have been the same without her.
— Donna & George, Bonita Beach Club
From start to finish, Erin was there the day of my wedding. She coordinated with our photographer, helped all of my girls prepare for the ceremony, and even came to my aide holding my train during our muddy wedding photo shoot. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed her presence on my wedding day. Her services as a bridal attendant were wonderful.
— Maria & Christopher, The Belvidere
Erin was a HUGE help with taking care of all the last minute details for my big day. When something went wrong it was “Erin to the rescue!” I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t there to help me! One of my biggest regrets was not having her involved from the very beginning. Thank you Erin so much for all your help making my wedding a huge success!!!
— Susan & Victor, Malibu Beach Club
I spent the day of my wedding being pampered. Our bridal attendant was a lifesaver! She helped with everything from hair and makeup to our on time departure for the ceremony. Our beach wedding was filled with special details, including our handmade bridal bouquets created by Erin that wowed all of our guests, and our reception was just what I had envisioned!
— Kristen & Matthew, Private Residence Michigan